The Art Of Salary Negotiation

The art of salary negotiation is something that one should not overlook. It is an essential tool that everyone should direct their focus. The key to a successful negotiation lies in approaching the subject with these four principles:

(1) Objectivity

(2) Preparation

(3) Flexibility

(4) Respect

When approaching this subject, you should come in prepared to provide salary market research for someone in your current position and your level of experience. You should also be ready to articulate accomplishments clearly and emphasize why they should continue to invest in you. Always remember that this is a negotiation, so you should try and strike a balance between being firm and flexible. Your employer might not be able to increase the salary; however, they may be able to offer compensation in other ways such as tuition reimbursement, stock options, or some additional reward. Most importantly, be respectful regardless of the outcome. Being respectful will leave the door open for further discussions.

By Steve Toussaint

By Steve Toussaint


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