Food Delivery To Seniors

Today we delivered 70 meals to hospital workers. Chicken dinners, fish dinners, various salads, soup and cupcakes.

Thank you so much to

Sweet Treats Delight


Golden Krust

for your donation!

Thank you to
Tyquana Henderson-Rivers
Kenya Bryan
Michelle Choclat Reed
Michelle Young
Donna Dean Ingram
Hafeesha Wellington
Mo Money
Otis OMealley
For you donations!

Thanks to

Turane Tim

for riding around to help make this happen.

Thanks to

Tanagra A. Bledman

for partnering to bring food to seniors.

We were full dressed with masks, gloves and sanitizer. We made minimal contact. We want to be as safe as possible. If Hospital workers can sacrifice their health for mine, I can safely sacrifice to help them get food.


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